This results in high-quality products that are organic and environmentally conscious.


We use processes of beekeeping that support the bees’ natural reproduction and maintenance of strong immune systems.

These alternative methods of bee guardianship not only support the bees, but also improve the ecology of the local community.


Enjoy the wonders of honey

The girls worked really hard to provide a delicious, healthy treat for you!


Our Mission

We strive to provide products that are as organic as possible, by purchasing from self-producing or like-minded farmers with sustainability of bees’ kept in mind. We aspire to be environmentally conscious, we are artisans with healthy products that are both enjoyable and luxurious—after all, honey is referred to as ‘The Nectar of the Gods’.



Bee Kind

Practice kind harvesting methods to ensure happy healthy bees.




Educate continually on the survival of honey bees and how we can help sustain them.



Bee Environmentally Conscious

We try to us only recyclable packaging, and biodegradable if possible.



Bee Grateful

Appreciate the community and all who support it to make it a better place to bee.




Eat organically, shop at local farmers' markets, and ingest nutritious foods that are so abundant in our area.




Help educate people on the importance of the bees and the wonderful gifts they offer.




Buying local products is what helps sustain small business owners, and adds uniqueness and charm to your community. You also reap the rewards of all the love small business owners devote to their companies.

Our honey is a premium artisan honey.
It is pure, raw, unheated, and unfiltered—
just the way nature intended it.


It retains all the antioxidants, vitamins, pollens, and natural enzymes which support your immune system. Our quantities are limited because we harvest in micro-batches, so each batch is unique to the flowers and trees the bees were dining on at the time. The honey you have today will be totally different in color and flavor tomorrow. This process also helps keep the hive balanced and happy. The comb is hand cut, strained, and bottled. Raw honey naturally crystalizes. Place in warm water to re-liquefy. Raw honey lasts indefinitely. So enjoy!

Angie on the left, Amanda on the right.

Angie on the left, Amanda on the right.


About 6 years ago, my beautiful friend Ronda and I wanted to do something good for the planet. We had been hearing how the honeybees were struggling and thought we’d do our part in keeping the population up by having a backyard hive. It was so amazing and terrifying handling the bees…… I kind of fell in love. Bee-sotted if you will.

I was seduced and trilled by the bees and decided one way I could ensure their well being would be to have a little bee company. As a small business owner in San Luis Obispo for the past 11 years, I have a lot of respect for small businesses and a devotion in supporting them. So why not add another one. It has given me an opportunity to learn as much as I can about these beautiful bee babes and all the wonderful medicinal treasures they produce in the hive.

My desire to learn more about the bees led me to Young Harris University in Georgia, where I became a certified bee keeper. My past education was in Animal Science, although I never dreamed this would be the animal I’d be spending so much time with. I absolutely adore them!

Angie on the left, Amanda on the right.


Our born and raised California girl has deep roots in our beach town community. She has always been very passionate about taking care of the environment, from marine conservation projects in Fiji, to learning the importance of protecting wildlife at home.

She became enamored with the art of beekeeping and has been learning all she can and is sharing that knowledge on our social media pages.



Dan’s role with the company involves caring for the bees in the apiaries as well as taking care of the physical equipment needed to keep the hives in production.

The health of the bees is a primary interest of Dan’s and he enjoys the ever changing challenges that are encountered with keeping the hives healthy in the varying climates and geographic environments of each apiary site.

When Dan is not working with the bees, he stays busy with his mobile veterinary surgery practice.