The Bee Buzz

The honey bee originated in Eurasia and Africa, but is now found on every continent except Antarctica. Honey bees have lived in close association with humans for thousands of years,  ever since the Ancient Egyptians established the art of beekeeping.

Honey bees live in large, well-organized family groups, and exhibit complex social behaviors seen nowhere else in the animal kingdom. Besides which, honey bees also make several products that are of direct benefit to us—the honey, the wax, and the resins that humans have valued for millennia. Apart from the honey and other products they supply, we need bees to pollinate the majority of fruit and vegetable crops that we rely upon for our own food.

The challenges faced by bees today—from habitat loss to pesticides and deadly diseases—threaten not only the bees themselves but potentially all of human life.

The Bee Buzz will contain current facts about honey bees and how we can do our part in keeping them healthy and abundant. We will share what is happening around the world in regards to the honey bees, as well as healthy benefits of honey and fun bee facts you may find fascinating, as I do.